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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Certification

1. Where is the examination given?
The examination is typically given in three locations each year, based on the geographical location of the majority of candidates. Typically it is given on the east and west coast of the US, and an overseas location.

2. I have too much work to do, and can not take the examination at this time. Can I postpone taking the examination until next year?
A request for an extension of eligibility must be submitted in writing within 60 days after the examination, documenting the reason for the request. Generally, the Board does not grant extensions for work related reasons. Instances where the Board has granted requests have included medical reasons or personal situations such as family illness. The Board does not decide on the requests until they meet AFTER the examination has been given.  NOTE:  this applies only to applicants prior to the 2008 examination year.

3. I am not prepared!! I will just wait until next year.
That is an option. Keep in mind, however, that all three parts would need to be passed in the second or third year of eligibility. Taking it the first year provides great practice, and there is always the possibility that either two, or all three parts will be passed.

4. Can I have a refund?
If a candidate requests withdrawal of their application by June 1, a refund less a $25 administrative fee will be given. After that date, no refunds are given.

5. I want to send my application FedEx. What is the street address?
American Board of Toxicology, Inc.
1700 Chestnut Hill Rd.
Wake Forest, NC 27587

6. How do I find out my scores?
It is Board policy not to release scores under any circumstances.

7. What is the passing grade?
The passing grade differs for each part of the exam, and from year to year.

8. When will I be notified that I passed the examination?
Notifications are typically sent out before Thanksgiving.

9. What areas of toxicology should I concentrate on for taking the examination?
The examination tests general knowledge in toxicology. The examination is divided into three parts principles, agents and systems.

10. Do you offer any courses to help prepare for the examination?
The American Board of Toxicology, Inc. neither sponsors nor endorses any courses. However, there are courses available, such as the Mid America Toxicology Course. Reference sources to study and review for the examination can be found in the ABT website.

11. Are there practice examinations available?
There is a sample exam on the website.

12. Do you accept credit cards?
We accept MasterCard or Visa, but are unable to accept American Express.

13. The Committee said I am ineligible. How can I appeal?
A petition for reconsideration may be submitted by the date specified in the letter of ineligibility. The petition must be submitted in writing. The Board will make the final decision at their summer meeting.

14. I paid the $200 exam fee, but I can't sit the exam this year.  Can I have a refund, or transfer the fee to next year's exam?
The exam fee of $200 is non-refundable and non-transferable to future years.  By the time the fee is paid, we have already contracted for the exam site based on the number of expected applicants. 


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